Barely a month after the Association of Deans of Student Affairs in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria (ADOSATIN) honoured the Vice-Chancellor of Sam Maris University (SMU), Prof. Francis Gbore with an award as Patron of the Association, the Don has again bagged another award.

Yesterday, the leaders of South West Youth Parliament (SWYP) presented the Vice-Chancellor an award as “A Trailblazer, a Pillar of Education and an Icon of Hope to Nigerian Youth”.

Speaking during the presentation, the Speaker of the Parliament, Rt Hon. Temitope Joseph, said the award was presented to the Vice-Chancellor in recognition of his track records of invaluable contributions to the Nigerian youth, in loco parentis and professionalism in managing student affairs when he held sway as the Dean of Student Affairs at Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko (AAUA).

Temitope also noted that the Parliament was tremendously inspired by the yeoman's work of the VC, stressing that the inimitable contributions of Gbore earned him the meritorious award.

He said, “Professor Francis Gbore was nominated by one of our esteemed members, and we were truly astounded when he recounted all the remarkable deeds and contributions of Professor Gbore as Dean of Students, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) at AAUA, and currently the Vice-Chancellor of Sam Maris University, Supare-Akoko.

“It became clear to us that his dedication and tireless efforts in his field have made a significant impact. Each anecdote and achievement shared painted a vivid picture of a person who not only excels professionally but also embodies the values and principles we hold dear. His commitment to excellence and his unwavering drive to make a difference have inspired us all.

“Consequently, we unanimously decided to honour Professor Gbore for his outstanding performance and contributions. This recognition is a testament to his hard work, perseverance, and the positive influence he has had on both his peers and the broader community.”

In his emotionally-laden response, the Vice-Chancellor said he was touched by the magnanimous gesture of the group, stating that the award would spur him to work more.

While the Awardee charged the youth to be open and aboveboard, he urged them to imbibe the kernel of hard work and integrity, eschew social vices and nefarious activities in their dealings and remain focused in selflessly building Nigeria as a virile nation.

Other leaders of the SWYP at the event are: Hon. Adeniji T. Boluwaji, Adebanji Temitope, Abass Olalekan Kolawole, and Awe Emmanuel T.