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4 Years

Building the Future with Knowledge and Innovation

The Bachelor of Science in Building programme at Sam Maris University is your pathway to a dynamic and rewarding career in the construction and building industry. This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and practical skills required to excel in the world of construction, building science, and sustainable construction practices.

Programme Overview

The B.Sc. in Building is a comprehensive programme that covers the core principles of construction, building science, and project management. You'll learn to plan, manage, and construct buildings, understanding everything from the science of materials to the intricacies of project management.

Key Features

  • Practical Learning: We believe in hands-on experience. Our programme is designed to provide students with practical skills in construction, including site visits, hands-on projects, and exposure to real construction sites.
  • Building Science: Gain a deep understanding of the science behind building materials, energy-efficient design, and structural systems.
  • Construction Management: Learn the principles of project planning, scheduling, budgeting, and the effective management of construction projects from inception to completion.
  • Sustainable Construction: Embrace the principles of sustainable building practices, including green building design, energy-efficient construction, and environmental responsibility.
  • Innovative Technologies: Master the use of modern construction technology, including Building Information Modeling (BIM) and construction software.

Research and Innovation

The Department of Building is a hub of research and innovation. Our faculty and students are involved in cutting-edge projects, from sustainable construction methods to the development of new construction technologies.

Career Opportunities

A B.Sc. in Building opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities, including:

  • Construction Managers: Overseeing construction projects from initiation to completion, ensuring they meet quality and safety standards.
  • Project Engineers: Managing specific aspects of construction projects, such as structural design, materials, or quality control.
  • Sustainability Consultants: Focusing on eco-friendly design and construction practices.
  • Building Inspectors: Ensuring that construction projects comply with building codes and regulations.
  • Estimators: Assessing the costs of construction projects, including materials and labor.


If you're passionate about construction and building, our program is the ideal place to start your journey. Admission requirements and application details can be found on our website.

Build Your Future with Knowledge and Innovation

At the Department of Building, we are dedicated to providing the knowledge and skills required to build a successful career in the construction and building industry. We invite you to explore our program and learn how we can help you build a bright and dynamic future.

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Contents coming soon!